Dr Emma Agusita Talk

Participatory Media, Changing Ecologies

Henry Jenkins- participatory culture- any form of cultural practice open to a wide audience.
-video clip.

Tredinnick- 2008
Halleck 2002-‘theres the question of whos connected and who is missing out’

Participatory media-
to what extent are these rapidly changing to adapt?

Transmedia/interactive documentary
telling a story using multiple media platforms, participatory because it allows contribution and curation.

The waiting room- video clip
giving a voice to people who have a lot of things to say about the health care system in America.
Hollow- An interactive Documentary
addressing stereotypes.

Never had there been more documentary material available to us.
Documentary making is changing hugely, due to it being able to encoded into pages it is in the web rather than on the web, social media can be connected to the documentary making.
Popcorn-completely free and can be used on any browser, highly adaptable, can add live links, and pull content from any web service. Dynamic like the web, and everything is sourced.
18 days in Egypt- recording history/stories through the photos, videos, status updates of the people there and involved. EG. Ahly Massacre

mapping and data visualisation
Crossroads-35 people recorded their GPS data-went somewhere they had never been.
Sinospheres-maps noises in Singapore, working on noise pollution. Users can download a decibel measurer and add their address to key in their location, noise levels are sent to a database and can then view a map. 3D map tool, heights indicative of the noise levels.
SBCC- a lot of media channels in Bristol, but he is the only one that doesn’t just concentrate on music, captures films of the riots which he made himself, where he felt a duty to show the negatives of what the police did. People see value in what he has created. Collaboration, contribution and shows the benefits of individuals finding ways to support other people in the digital culture.
From creative network, formed a community to showcase talent and there was no funding to begin with but were passionate people. Live and work development, live upstairs in a flat and have the shopfront downstairs which the landlords in the area were doing. Kit came from young people who wanted to be involved produced newspapers etc and sold that to collect money for kit. 02 foundation funded once they saw what was happening, having university as research partner is a big chunk for them. Tangible things created that would make money, originally wanted to make a feature film, but instead made a graphic novel called ‘indigo babies’

loads of different levels of participation, everyone involved in there is an expert in community media, started off advising a lot and they’ve had to take a back seat in the process as Vince has a lot of talent and ideas. Community media is about facilitating rather than teaching.