To add as much detail as I could I had originally wanted to use the traditional ‘comic’ look, which various lines separating parts of the story and taking the reader through bit by bit, however by doing this i began to lose the detail that I needed within the work and started to lose time which could have been used to make the book overall far more appealing. 


This was the original idea of the first double page spread, however in comparison to the initial idea piece I had created one I’d decided what my character would look like, it was nowhere near good enough to be used. 


It had lost the element of being ‘cute’ and that is one of the most important things about the initial piece, because the main character is not something which the audience would usually empathise with yet I need to be able to get them to identify with it. I found the best way to do that was going to be through making it look as appealing as possible, however the double page spread didn’t, the lines were all different sizes and thicknesses which ruins the flow of the comic itself. 


So I had to rethink my methods of layout and decided that instead of setting out the entire book like a comic, each page would be dedicated to a singular part of the story but would include the necessary details within that one illustration for the book to make sense rather than showing loads of different elements of the image in separated sections. The layout throughout the book therefore became more like the initial idea piece. 


Luke Pearson

After recently going to the Nobrow seminar, I have taken an interest in the work of one of the artists which the company regularly work with, Luke Pearson. Who’s most well known work is the comic Hildafolk, a really interesting, well illustrated comic with a loveable main character at the centre of it, which must be seeing some success considering the original publishers of the TinTin book series were interested enough in it t publish it themselves in the same style. 


I was particularly interested in this artists work in relation to my own book due to its simplicity, having a short amount of time to create the illustrations for a 20 page book was going to be a big enough challenge without doing over complex illustrations. But yet despite its simplicity the work doesn’t lose any detail or lose the interest of the audience. The look of the books themselves draws the audience into the book and keeps them hooked, which I hope is an attribute I can have within my own work. 

SMCP Part 2-Music video

although this video does show many of the techniques which we are wanting to use throughout our own film for particular shots, it also strongly illustrates exactly what we are not wanting to do with our film which is produce a music video.
I am hoping that the narrative within our film will be strong enough to show through any music which we put onto the film. This particular video just purely shows the party side of what we are wanting to show but because that is all that there is in the video without any kind of story line, it makes it look like a music video. If I can bring the story through enough to overshadow the music I think the film could be quite successful.

Skins Series 1 Trailer

Skins is a well known television series which shows the lives of teenagers involving excessive alcohol and drug use, and also mental illness. Although many don’t feel that it is a very accurate representation of teenagers lives, others feel that it is all too accurate in relation to some individuals however.
It is the trailer in particular I am interested in, because it is short, and includes the kind of shots I feel will make our short film the most successful it possibly can be. The really quick shots of party scenes are the most important to our film, without these the film will not flow very well and because they are so quick, it would leave time in the film for speaking parts and more important establishing shots whilst still showing how much the main characters life has changed.

Project X Trailer

This video is one of the main influences for the film due to the quick moving shots throughout, having these shots creates a chaotic flow to the film which we need to contrast with the slow moving beginning which will cause the audience to understand just how much the main protagonists life has changed as a result of the drugs and alcohol.
Project X illustrates the impacts these kinds of things can have on people and even change their psychology into a mob mentality where they begin to act as an anonymous person in a large group rather than an individual who will need to bear the brunt of their actions. However the film my group is producing needs to really concentrate on the individual rather than a large group of people and this will need to be done through establishing shots in the beginning of the film and a majority of the shots being concentrated on the singular character.
The use of a really bright light throughout the scenes creates a look for the film which is something I am really interested in for the look of the project, the technique is used in quite a few party films and it shows the party atmosphere really well due to the concentrated light in darkness and highlighting only a small area in front of the individual, which is quite representative of the effects of drugs and alcohol on people.

Film influences

It was decided that the film would take influences from films like Project X, a film based on a famous story of an Australian teenager who, when his parents went away on holiday, threw one of the biggest house parties ever seen, making international news due to the sheer amount of people who showed up, the fact riot police had to be called to the scene to disperse the party goers and the damage caused as a result.


The film was filmed in a really quick way, with a bright continuous light which gave the movie a real sense of chaos. The hand filmed look of the movie made it seem like it was all from the perspective of those who were there themselves which is a really interesting way to watch a film thats based on an actual news story.

We also looked at the television series Skins, showing the lives of teens/students in England involving excessive alcohol and drug use, the reason I felt that skins would be a good reference is that it uses quite graphic ways of communicating the story line, such as vomiting and accidents etc it was necessary for our film to really communicate the negatives of alcohol and drug abuse on students, though I do feel that in some ways skins can glamourise it and have often heard people say ‘I want to live the Skins life’.


Wet Photography


Considering this session was my first go at using a proper film camera, as opposed to a small one i had when I was little, and my first time using a dark room and going through the development process, I am really pleased with how this photo came out, I love how the grain within it is really prominent but doesn’t ruin the image. The details which show through are incredible. I would love to use the wet photography process in my future projects, I also felt that the assistant helping us really helped me to gain the most from the photos i produced and made the whole process far more interesting, she was really complimentary of my work.


Here is where I was experimenting with the exposure in order to make the details within the images, like the dark areas around the letters. The bottom image was exposed for 66 seconds with a contrast setting of 3.5, and the larger top image was a series of experiments where on a contrast setting of 4.0 I added 2 seconds each time the photo paper was being exposed. The darkest area within the image had been exposed for a total of 78 seconds, and this made the image look its best as the details became incredibly prominent.


I am incredibly lucky to have got this photo, it would have been nowhere near as good if the clouds hadn’t been as dramatic as they were, I quickly decided that the most important aspect of this image was the sky as it catches peoples eyes, whereas the building is something that although it did look appealing in the original photos, I didn’t feel was quite as important and making that darker would help to make the clouds more prominent.


Here i experimented with which exposure would best suit the image, to have some detail showing through from the building suited the image a lot more, and having it at an exposure of 3.5 for 66 seconds made the image the best it could be. The sky itself isn’t so dark that it drains out the actual detail of the image which is really important.