Contacting Venues

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This was the first person to get back to me who acknowledged the fact the event would be for charity and therefore offered a negotiation – something which if I was to book the place would be very necessary because it is hugely out of my price range and to add hiring a PA onto the top of the costs would make the cost significantly more. I will however be getting back in touch with Anja in order to see if there is some kind of deal that we can reach perhaps with a minimum spend amount behind the bar etc


Contacting Venues

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I contacted white cloth gallery, after looking at the spaces they had available I could see one room being set up for the band and the other for exhibition and arts stalls. The space is great and unfortunately out of any budget I could have.

Due to their existing exhibitions Nicki pointed out that the work couldn’t really be mounted on the walls etc which is incredibly limiting to the kind of thing I could have in the event and would mean the curation would become significantly more complex. Although the space itself is a great size etc it just isn’t plausible.

Venue Research – The Tetley

‘The Tetley is a unique venue in the centre of Leeds combining industrial heritage and stunning architecture with contemporary creativity’

-can cater for groups size 4-800
-events team will help with each step

Ground floor gallery
capacity 100-150
Rate – day £650/half day £325

-The Tetley Feast used this venue for their project and the venue were not reliable
-Despite hiring out the lower ground floor the venue sold out to an ASDA corporate event causing the projects guests, some of whom were elderly/disabled to have to climb two flights of stairs along with various other venue issues
-This unreliability is seriously off-putting despite the venue having a really great space

Venue Research – Better Leeds Communities

‘aim to make a better place to live for everyone in the cities communities’
-deliver a range of services from advice, activities, courses, volunteering and venue hire
-established in 1983
-aim – improve employability, provide sustained support to families, reduce child poverty

Burley Lodge Centre
activity studio – 35 capacity
volunteer sector rate – £10ph
Standard rate – £15ph
Evenings and weekends – Additional £10ph charge

Commercial Kitchen- N/A

Community Room
capacity- 50
Voluntary – £10ph
Standard- £15ph
Evenings and weekends- Additional £10ph charge

Training room
capacity – 20-25
Voluntary – £10ph
Standard- £15ph
Evenings and weekends – Additional £10ph charge

None of these rooms will be suitable for the event due to the sizes of the space and the capacity
-although I don’t believe hundreds of people will turn up because that is unrealistic the space is going to have to be large enough to have live bands perform

Venue Research

East Street Arts

-temporary space programme that allows creative people to use buildings that are currently not let or are waiting for redevelopment
-vacant commercial buildings in offices, industrial or retail units, former cafe’s or nightclubs
apply using the temporary project application form
-give them information about the project
-they will then arrange a meeting to discuss your project and viewing/viewings

Become a member of east street arts

space costs
-some spaces are more expensive than others due to higher utility costs
-depending on the type of space and the end use we do charge £40-£80 per month

£25.00 student discounted rate – per annum

-studio spaces
-temporary space access
-personal promotion
-members profile
-annual open studios
-members exclusive opportunities
-1:1 mentoring and development
-AV loans
-Research trips
-Opening nights/events


week 1-2 – plan and research and brief write
week 3 – contact community groups -use set plans to inform time needed for the workshops
week 4 – venue hunt
week 5 – concentrate on branding etc
week 6 – begin to execute publicity plan
week 7 – volunteer organisation
week 8 – workshops should be underway
week 9- workshops
week 10/11- meetings- volunteers, curators, entertainment
week 12- begin to bring everything together
week 13- Event
week 14 – Evaluation

Event Planning Research

1.Pull a team together
-dont make the team too big
-make sure everyone knows and understands their roles and responsibilities
2. Budget
-create a budget and be clear where you have income generated
-be prepared with extra money for things that may not work out as you expect
3.Get the message out
-if you want people to buy a ticket, attend or help with the event, they need to know what is happening
4.Licenses – especially for live music
5. Keep things simple