Job Prospect Research – 4c

Teaching whilst being an artist

Donald Roos-
Multiple disciplinary, teaching a variety of subjects in everything from informal workshops to formal lectures, goes so far as to say that teaching actually costs him money in a certain way.
‘For me, its financially better to work for clients’ he points out ‘Earning money is necessary, but its not my main motivation to be a designer. The best teachers I had were the ones who taught because they are passionate about their jobs and the craft of design and art’

Marion Deuchars – Illustrator
Marion points out that the worst kind of teacher is the practitioner who is only teaching for the extra income. ‘When a good balance is achieved, it is really great for both teacher and student. It can be a very stimulating environment, the energy and enthusiasm and talent of the students can be very inspiring and help ones own practice’ she explains ‘I was reluctant to take more time in teaching. I was scared I’d be sucked into education and unable to continue my practice’ ‘ the sense of not getting sucked in is echoed by others – maintaining an identity as a practising creative professional is crucial, they say’

Adam Graff
His commitment is the equivalent of half a post, which is the ‘absolute maximum’ he explains ‘otherwise you get sucked in. You start one day a week and slowly you can easily become full time, because you’re attracted to the security, but then you lose your practice and you become a teacher. And I always say thats not my trade – but i do love it’


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