Job Prospect Research – 4b

Fee’s and Funding Research

£9000 for tuition fee’s year commencing 2016/2017
Get Into Teaching
‘financial support for trainee teachers was never better. You could get £30,000 tax free whilst you train either as a bursary or prestigious scholarship – or you could even earn a salary of up to £25,000 whilst you train as a school direct salaried course. Your eligibility for financial support, and the amount you can expect to receive, will depend on the subject you choose to teach and your degree classification or highest relevant academic qualification. If your degree isn’t in the subject you wish to teach, you may be eligible for a funded course to increase your subject knowledge before you start your training.

Secondary funding options
Looking through the funding options it doesn’t appear that there are any bursaries or scholarships for art and design on the get into teaching website.

PGCE Courses
If you are studying a full time postgraduate course leading to Qualified Teacher status you can apply to SFE fir tuition fee and maintenance loans, supplementary grants and the DSA


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