Job Prospect Research – 3

Workplace practical Support Worker – CHANGE


Salary- £9 an hour
Hours – 8- 15 per week
Leave- 25 days a year + 8 statutory days pro rata
Based at CHANGE, 4th Floor, Calls Landing, 36-38 The Calls, Leeds, LS27EW

A human rights organisation led by disabled people. We work for equal opportunities and rights for all people with learning disabilities. We employ people with learning disabilities to co-work on equal terms and with equal salary to non disabled coworkers. We are seeking a workplace support worker who is committed to working with people with learning disabilities in an empowering way to support two people with a learning disability in their roles on a one to one basis.

Casual contract, no mutual obligation of hours, expect the post holder to be available 8-15 hours a week. May be possibilities to take on additional support opportunities as they arise.

-Supporting with a variety of practical and administrative tasks in the usual workplace and occasionally on work out of the office, around England
-Planning, organisation and time management techniques
-Job specific tasks eg. written correspondence, social interaction and communication, presentations, practical tasks, efficient working
-Action planning and goal setting
-Building confidence and independence


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