I wanted to choose two activities, one which was on the more simple side and the children were likely to have done before and one which was a little harder and was more likely to need their Dad’s help to complete.

This research would help me to decide what kind of activities I wanted to focus on for the rest of the project.

In my first year of university I taught my chinese flatmate how to make paper chains, a fun, repetitive process, this would be easy for the children to see their progress and complete successfully. I wanted to  make the activities christmas themed as well because the dads group towards the end of the session would be having a christmas meal and playing some party games so tailoring the activities to the same theme would create coherence and help the children to understand what is going on more.

The second project was a bit more tricky but after looking at a few websites for ideas, provided some great ideas

I decided to work on a Cup and Ball Santa, with the children being such a young age they were likely to be incredibly excited by the concept of santa and being able to create their own to take home would work really well and get them properly engaged in the process.


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