COP3 Presentation

Unfortunately due to illness I wasn’t able to attend the actual presentation, although this was incredibly frustrating I did have the work prepared and it has helped me to really focus myself even more.

This is what I would have said during the presentation

I am looking into whether the work of artists in community group settings pose any real benefits to the communities in which they are based. This will be achieved by looking into various projects that have taken place across the world, the outcomes of these projects and the responses of the community. After holding my own community group art workshops I have seen the positive outcomes these kinds of activities can have for people, but I want to look into whether there can also be any negative connotations and how these impact on the peoples lives who are involved/affected by the work. I will be looking at the work of Vik Muniz, a Brazilian born artist who created a series of enormous portraits from the millions of recyclable items they recovered during their daily picks of Jardin Gramacho, the worlds largest landfill. Muniz and the makers of the documentary Wasteland (2010) donated over $200,000 of the proceedings to the workers cooperative and to the people who posed for the various portraits along with a percentage of profits from the sale of the portraits being sent to the workers. My second artist is Richard Serra, this is because I am looking to compare the impact engaged art and public art which is just responding to a space has. Richard Serra’s tilted arc is famously known for being removed after a 1300 strong signature petition was formed, Richard Serra deems the work to have been destroyed after its removal because it was created to respond to the particular space it stood but many deemed it to be ‘ugly, oppressive and a graffiti catcher’.
I intend to create an installation piece that can be interacted with in an exhibition setting, my aim is to work with a community group to produce the designs for the exterior and then make sure they are involved in the creation, it will be something that may seem unnecessary and without much purpose once completed just like tilted arc but will have the engagement and personal investment of the group as well. The designs will be worked on with the group but the initial plan is for it to be a large rectangular box with designs all over it.


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