One great piece of advice Graham gave me was about selecting the right transition for the film and that a fade may be most appropriate. Something which I hadn’t really considered and I did begin to experiment slightly with different video transitions and cross fade did work best.
I got an alert when I was adding a fade and thought there was something wrong, I clicked okay and the fade was absolutely perfect for the film.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 23.26.06

This created a transition which faded the previous clip flawlessly into the next scene and considering all of the 3D built up grass pieces and wave pieces were approximately the same size it made a really nice look that I was genuinely proud of. It removed any ‘fade to white/black’ elements most fades have and just faded the scenes together.
This is why when I refilmed the final scene due to all of the errors it contained, I needed to try to recreate the scene as close as possible. In the initial version which I had shown to sharon (and was lost on the memory stick) only the washing line and plant pot faded into the scene, the grass stayed the same which still gives the idea of a scene change but with a really nice difference subtle.


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