Sound Issues

After editing the sound and getting it all to where I needed it to be, I decided to watch the video the whole way through and make notes of what may still need to be done. The decision to do this using earphones is what alerted me to the fact there were serious problems with the sound and ones that you couldn’t even hear slightly when listening to the video on speakers. In the boat scene with the crashing waves, you could hear a woman talking in the background and some footsteps through water which meant I needed to go back through the original file and find a point where this wasn’t the case, remove the sound i had already edited and add the new edit in.
then I noticed in the second scene that the bird track had really bad static which meant repeating the process, not exactly a lot of fun especially when the clip had been edited to be specifically timed to happen as the bird entered the scene and at certain points when it moved so it was all pretty difficult to replicate because no piece of sound in the clips was exactly the same.

The sound is incredibly important within the film, it adds depth to it and brings each element to life which is why I couldn’t just overlook those minor issues even if they could only be heard when listening with earphones.


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