There are some massive differences between these two videos.
-The second one should have been the same size as the newest one, it should have had much more to it and a lot more well thought out content as well.
-The smoothness in the new one is massively different, it still looks like a stop frame animation but the second is very jittery and difficult to watch.
-The interview in the second one is really good and overall the combination of that interview and the music seem to work well, its just a shame it seems so disjointed from the animation. The animation does the interview no justice whatsoever. It should have been a lot longer, the interview wouldn’t have cut off so abruptly.

I really liked seeing the comparison of how much difference using a rostrum, taking more time and planning, giving myself more time to edit has made. Its a nice reflection of the changes I’ve made to my working process and confidence in going out into different areas of the college to use what is on offer rather than trying to do everything on my own at home.


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