The interview

I was really really nervous about the interview. In job interviews I’m usually very confident but over the past year I’ve begun to become much more of an introvert who’s a lot more aware of what people think and very much overthink everything i say/am about to say, I think this intense change has impacted my confidence in those kinds of situations and thats really weird for me. Between overthinking what I’m going to say and overthinking the fact I didn’t have any issues like this before, i’ve kind of started to develop a bit of a stutter when I’m talking to people and at times only like a little bit of a word will come out of my mouth and ill struggle to say anything else, particularly the letter m, i seem to get stuck on that one a lot more than anything else. Being massively aware of that impact and how stumbling on my own words appears to other people it really does throw me when it happens.
This change in personality is still something I’m coming to terms with, its very strange to go from a very very outspoken, loud, confident person so watching every word carefully, but this isn’t always a bad thing and in many situations it has helped me like in Responsive when i chose my words very carefully at all points and managed to work around group issues to an okay standard.

It happened a couple of times in the interview but overall I think i managed to explain some things reasonably okay.

The most important thing I got from the interview was the feedback from Marianne and David, I got a lot of really helpful tips and some really lovely compliments on some bits of the work.

-I need to change the words zine and film, these are slightly misleading due to the additional content which is in the sections, David found it interesting that when asked where various aspects were I could just leap straight to the place but it might not be working for people who hadn’t looked at the website before – it would be beneficial to change this to Workshops and Community – particularly the workshops section when I add in the images Elliot Baxter (third year) took at the Leeds Art Party.
-David was really impressed with the photographs I had taken at the centre of the Polish group. He said I was very lucky with the light which I was but I had to make people stand in certain places to get the lighting just right… I didn’t have the heart to say that though! It was a big compliment for him to say I must have the eye for detail to be able to take images like that and that he’d be proud to have taken them
-The illustrations weren’t necessary, I think this was my own fault for not describing what I do with them well enough, I said they were a hobby, which in a way they are but I have done tattoo designs with them and have another potential 2 designs lined up within the next few months. I said I just enjoy making them but didn’t really describe how they could lead somewhere. But they could be useful to show community group leaders that I do have drawing skills and Marianne said if presented in the right way they could work for that and that there are probably a few groups who would like to learn how to do that kind of work.
-They agreed that the website wasn’t anything particularly special but it did what I wanted it to, perhaps in the future developing the actual look of the website is something I need to work on and how it communicates what work I do.

I do intend to make some minor changes based on the feedback i received.


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