Arts Party Event

The day started off with a short briefing from Fran T about what we could do, which groups may need help, the face we could freely move around and do as we please as long as we make sure people are looked after and know where they are going.

After the walk around I decided going to the pyramid of arts group would be a great idea, it was a really hands on workshop and i was really interested in seeing how people began to get involved with a workshop. I think it definitely helped to have people already there working away on bits and pieces, i think a slightly busier table is less daunting to people than one with nobody there.

11257718_10153261710038607_1241215126_nThe group were creating chandeliers out of bike wheels, recycled fabrics and beads.

11272004_10153261709988607_221716554_nonce the first wheel was hung up people became really interested in the workshop, I think it was an incentive for people to get creating and they knew they’d feel great seeing something they had contributed to up there.

 had too much fun colour co-ordinating the beads.. they looked rather pretty when hanging down.

I did find out during my time working with these guys on the wheels that they were looking for more volunteers to help out with their workshops etc which is a perfect opportunity for me really. I need experience with these kinds of organisations and how they work with people. I’m planning to get in touch with these guys asap i just have to wait until I’ve worked out paid employment first so i will be able to give them both full details of availability when i find that out, I don’t want to let anyone down by not being able go.


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