Alumni Talks

Notes taken from the Skype calls we had with former visual communication students

Richard Killroy
-Says that if you don’t have an agent clients can try to take advantage of you
-Always ask what a clients budget is before they ask you what your price is because you may end up losing out if they have a larger budget than you expect
-Do your research on agents and don’t settle for the first one that comes to you, make sure they are representing other people on similar levels to yourself

Patrick – Moving Image – Post Production
-Says he regrets going to be a runner at a post production company rather than getting work experience
-Needed to name drop just to get his foot into the door for a trial shift
-Just search for the jobs you need online
-Editjockeys – look for editing assistants
-Posthouses take advantage of work experience people because it allows them to get people to work for free
-Avid is what editing software is being currently used in the industry

Daniel Hockley – Product Manager – Vice in New York
-These guys use final cut
-Product managers
-20 years
-Started as a magazine in Montreal
-Product manager for websites – editorial and user experience
-Wanted to originally do product design and graphic design
-Got no internships
-As soon as he started charging for his work he got a job
-10 years since graduating
-Was approached to work in Vice
-Vice are also a full ad agency
– Was taken over to the US by someone he met earlier to help with their digital site department 2 years ago
-This is despite quitting after 5 years there and going travelling
-past 5-10 years
-2 different things – youtube vimeo etc who cared about the slick platform and then vice who cared about the content – now youtube are struggling to find the content and are finding they don’t have enough
-Shift has gone from companies to the content creators
Advice To Digital Based Students
-You need to have a defined skill set
-Often you won’t have full creative freedom at first
-Dont be disheartened by this
-Networking and company politics are something you learn in industry that is really important and something you won’t learn about in university
-You will get more creative freedom the more work you create
-He had a multiple skill set, was never the best at anything but theres a point in peoples careers that they gain enough experience to be asked to begin managing
-Happy to be contacted directly and is interested in new talent to do with video production – particularly viscom students


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