The Arch Cafe

During the talk Tom told the group about another potential opportunity for a window display, it would be at The Arch Cafe which is run by Age Uk.
This one would be a collaborative piece that would require guidance and help with the people who use the centre and it would be based on their ideas.
I was very interested in this opportunity, working WITH groups is the kind of thing I want to do and this is the perfect opportunity to gain some real experience in this field. It will give me a much deeper understanding of how to co-ordinate with people and organisation of projects like this. I passed my email on to Tom who said he would email me the details of the project.

Living in very close proximity to the cafe means that I am familiar with it and being involved with a project there would be much easier where travel and finance is concerned.
It looks like this may be a very daunting task due to the window being absolutely vast, but it should be a great project to be part of.


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