Sound Effects

This was what was going to really bring my film to life, just like the sound in Pes’s films do for him, the smallest element has some kind of sound effect and this means that the whole film really has depth to it and becomes genuinely interesting and easier to understand. I didn’t want there to be some cheesy music in this that distracts people from whats happening in the film i felt I owed what I had created the interest and detail needed in accurately editing sound clips to fit perfectly with the video.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 23.18.50

I had to listen to a lot of clips to get the exact thing I wanted for each clip, I needed to ensure that the sounds people were hearing were believable with what they were experiencing visually. I guess this process is what is so vital to creating the realistic illusion that Pes creates in his films.
There were a lot of very unusual things hidden amongst these clips including a man sarcastically moo-ing, which kept me entertained for quite a while.
It was important to time the clips correctly, they needed to worth with the movement of the things within the video and this was tough to get right, it was a lot of trial and error editing.


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