Love Arts Festival

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Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 01.28.46

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I’ve known about the love arts festival since moving to Leeds and have visited the festivals activities that were in the light centre. I think one of the most impressive things to me was the windows I kept seeing pop up from vis com students and I was really interested in getting involved with this.
The love arts festival looks at how art and mental health can be combined to change the way in which mental health is viewed, to some people it is not always a negative, they want to change the way it is thought about with 1/4 people suffering with mental health difficulties in their lifetime. They look at changing perceptions of mental health, beginning to steer away from the typical kind of things that have been used in the past to describe and present the subject.

There are a lot of opportunities available at the next festival, including volunteering and having your own artwork on display/sale in places across Leeds.


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