Love Arts Festival Window

One of the ways people can get involved with the love arts festival is to create installations for designated windows around Leeds, something I have noticed before and been really impressed with.
This opportunity is offered by the festival organisers to our course each year and this was a chance i couldn’t pass up. There were 8 volunteers all together and two windows, we had our first meeting with Marianne who told us the kind of thing the festival would want, our budget (£100) and where the windows would be located – the Fabrication window situated in the Light Centre and the Nation of Shopkeepers Window. These two areas were significantly different, one was quite thin but went back really far and the other was really long but didn’t have much depth to it. This meant that the two windows needed to be considered differently in what could be done there and the kind of place people wanted to display the work they help to create.

We split off into the two different window groups after discussing whether we wanted the windows to work together and link in some way, the direction we want to go with each window etc

I joined the Nation Of Shopkeepers window group, the nation window is something I walk past on a very regular basis and am always interested in the artwork that is on display in there so I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to have my own work displayed in there.

We kind of went around in circles with ideas at this initial meeting and decided the best thing to do would be to go off and create 5 images of ideas and present them to the group at the next meeting and we would have a Facebook discussion group set up in order to organise when this could be done


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