The Refilming of the final scene

My main concern for this scene was recreating the initial one, because the set had been exactly the same for the 2nd and 3rd scene they flowed really nicely and transitioned easily. But starting a new set could mean that the transition may become disjointed and slightly confusing, I needed to carefully and accurately attempt to recreate the scene based on the second one, the closer to it the better.

A problem I did find was moving the father figure, I needed it to look like he was walking and carrying clothes whilst he was doing so. Its difficult to get these two things to work especially when you are working with a 2D format like paper. I do feel like it was much better maintained in comparison to the first attempt, the clothes showed up better and when the little girl moved through, changing her watering can from red to black really made it stand out compared to her body.

After gaining what I needed I headed home.


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