The Pixar Story


Released August 28 2009

A great insight into how an animation studio, particularly one so high profile and producing such cutting edge films in animation, was set up. Watching the process and the dedication of the animators is incredibly inspiring and definitely something worth watching if you ever find yourself at a block in creativity.

Seeing the background, positives and negatives of working in an animation studio including these guys staying awake for days at a time in order to finish their films was something that really hit home whilst creating my own small animation, just seeing how much work needs to go into creating a full length feature film was incredibly grounding.

Another important reason for watching the film is learning the history of animation and seeing how and why the practice developed from paper based and became digital.

Watching this film really ignited my interest in animation and made me consider it as something I could work on, I never considered taking stop frame any further than the two animations I’ve already created.

There is a lot of time and hard work put into animations, this film really highlights just how much. Its a very slow, testing process which requires a lot of patience and a lot of willpower but when its finally completed with so much dedication you have something to be genuinely proud of at the end, something shown brilliantly in this film. 


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