As soon as I arrived home i began to transfer the data over to my laptop (all of the takes in the scene) and went through the same nesting and changing duration process as I had with the initial scenes, just seconds after I had finished exporting this my media appeared offline and my memory stick was no longer visible on my macbook and i tried it on numerous different computers yet nothing would work the memory stick was registering nowhere.

This meant that the film I had edited together was gone and all of the frames were gone from the memory stick too, I went into complete panic, I didn’t know where to begin or what to do next, there was so way of recovering anything from the memory stick due to the fact it wasn’t appearing on any computers.

Luckily after a while I remembered that due to my habit of exporting all of the final pieces after changing the during and nesting, I still had the 3 scenes. But I would have to start again with these, begin colour correcting, size changing etc though this was a huge relief because if I hadn’t decided to export these files I would have had to go back and refilm all of the scenes and that would have taken a big chunk out of the time I had dedicated to editing.

The memory stick still doesn’t work anywhere and is completely gone with no chance of any pieces of work being recovered from it, which is incredibly annoying considering this has a lot of work from the UKADIA conference in London and was bought for me by the progression office.


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