Grahams help

Graham being the one that had discouraged me from creating an activity, I wanted to ask his opinion on what I had created so far, getting multiple peoples opinions helps to highlight any issues there may be within the video.

Graham advised
-to add a cross fade transition between the scenes
-to make the text I had already used within the video shorter and snappier, so it was easier for people to read and remember
-to email him what I proposed to write within it
-to remove a particular sentence as it had kind of been repeated in different words
-that I had made the right decision with the typography except the size needed to be larger, it creates a story book type look to the piece but not in a patronising way

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 22.26.41Having a link to the website at the end means that even though i may not be able to fit in too many points in the film it gives people something to follow up on if the video has sparked any interest for the topic.


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