The filming day


Having Matts assistance when needed made the filming day a lot easier than if i’d have just tried to tackle it alone at home. Using the rostrum made the process run a whole lot smoother than it did during visual literacy and being able to do this. I was in the studio for a good 8/9 hours and it was a very long and slow process to get it all finished in just one day.
Doing it this way meant that there were no light changes, no problems with movement and it was a small definite space to work with. Most animations would be done upside down but this one worked better the right way up, it might have looked slightly floaty and strange any other way, so I had to have the camera mounted on a tripod just in front of the rostrum.
I think my main challenge during this day was achieving the smooth look and consistency that I would need for the video to be a success.

At the end of filming I wasn’t 100% happy with the final scene, due to sheer exhaustion after such a long day and the first two scenes taking longer than I had anticipated, the final scene was slightly rushed and not thought through properly.

Using this kind of equipment was a first for me and it was a great opportunity to get acquainted with it, I really enjoyed using this, it made all of the issues I had last time disappear and its something that if I was to ever get into the industry, i would have to use quite a lot.
Additionally using dragon frame that wasn’t on trial and didn’t stop you after 50 takes was a definite plus as well, it made everything a lot easier by way of continuity and smooth running, I could just replay the whole line of footage and see if it all worked well and if not I could make the changes i needed to a lot easier.
Dragonframe is a great piece of software for stop frames and being able to use it again made me a lot more comfortable using it.


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