Making the props

The props were the most important part of this stop frame animation, if they didn’t look good and didn’t work with the concept the film would become confusing and wouldn’t be worth watching. 
IMG_5604This is the pipe, the inside was made of a plastic bottle so that water would run through it without soaking through the brown paper, however it kind of looked slightly confused and i became unsure of how I would get it to work in the way I needed it to. 
IMG_5591To make the washing line for the final scene I used floral foam, this meant the two sticks would stay upright and I wouldn’t need to keep adjusting them and they wouldn’t be knocked over as easily. 

I wanted it all to look quite organic so I used a couple of twigs from outside and thread to match, using this thread may prove tricky when filming due to its flimsy nature and reluctancy to stay even remotely tangled into one string… may need to rethink the string. 


IMG_5585 I wanted to use realistic looking animals in the scene, I wanted details to show through and for it to have a real 3D look to the piece, which I felt may be compromised if using a paper cut one. This was a pretty expensive fake cow at £8 I nearly had a heart attack but making the film the best quality I possible could was worth paying a bit extra for.

I had to cut each of the different scene layers to be individually different so that they would create some depth within the shot, this worked really well luckily and ended up being a really strong aspect of the film itself. 

A lot of props were required for this project, including ample amounts of blutac to keep things upright, little black boards for information to pop onto screen, a boat made out of a tissue box (that was really tough to make) 


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