Boat Process

This is another part of the animation I thought would need to be as smooth as possible, it needed to look like the boat really was moving across the ocean and if this was all broken up it would be difficult to watch, it also gives films quite an unprofessional look and if handing this into a competition I need it to be visually strong.

In this clip I changed the speed of the frames and also applied what I had learnt from the water process videos, you can see a huge difference in how smoothly the boat runs, however there are lighting issues within this which is something I struggled with in visual literacy and need to find a way of preventing this issue in this film.

Here I began experimenting with how I could make the water move around the boat, this takes a lot of work, theres each layer going back of waves and the boat itself and they all have to be moved the slightest amount. This isn’t like with the real water where I could just pour it and take the photos as fast as possible, I needed to very slightly move each thing so that there were no jumps between frames.


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