Inspiration for the piece

Bisto have been using PESfilm for their adverts for a while now and its fascinating to see what has been created in each new video and how smoothly it all runs. It gave me an idea of how I’d like to create mine. The one thing I have struggled with in past films I’ve created is the smoothness of the shots and the earlier I begin shooting this one the earlier I will be able to edit the shots and the more time I will have to correct any mistakes. I began my research for the video by watching some of Pes’s films and they really are incredible. Whilst watching this video I realised just how important it is to the video to have the correct props and ones which will allow for size changes if there are any. In my previous stop motion I made the mistake of not preparing enough both for the filming process and having a lack of time with the editing process.

Pes’s films are shot in incredibly high quality and are easy to watch without becoming boring at any point because the visuals are so strong within each video he has made.


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