Idea Change

Initially I had been focused on creating an activity pack for children to educate them on water consumption and how they can save water and hopefully take those methods in to later life. I had done research into water conservation methods, what is available for children already on the subject and I’d began to look at visuals. I had wanted to do an activity pack which included a series of stickers, reminder pop up cards, a toy etc that would encourage children to think about water conservation in their day to day lives.

However after a recent workshop I realise that there were some issues with this idea and it was pretty dull, it couldn’t be very interesting to anyone really and the only exciting part of it would have been the toy I was planning to make. So I rethought my method and have decided to create a stop motion on the topic and use actual water in it. This should give it an interesting look and I have a strong visual concept behind it. I will be looking at providing viewers of any age with information on the subject and giving tips on how to save water in the video, meaning none of the research I have done on water conservation methods so far has gone to waste.

All of the initial work for the activity pack will be handed in in a black sketchbook.


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