Presenting The Project

(Sound quality bad, needs to be listened to using earphones)
One thing I have always struggled with is presenting in front of a group of people and this year it was something i really wanted to work on and improve. At the MITTN conference we were given the opportunity as a group to present our project, however the rest of the group decided they didn’t want to do it but i saw it as a good opportunity to gain more experience speaking in front of large groups. This is important to my future practice as if I’m going to be involved with any kind of workshops it is important for me to be able to talk confidently in front of groups as I will need to communicate plans and aims to the people involved.
I did panic during this session, being the only person who was stood up on the stage alone i was surprised that I was asked to go first as i hadnt really had much time to prepare anything to say and the other groups could have helped each other out if someone got stuck for something to say.
Im glad i did it though, its something usually i would have decided against especially when the rest of the group decided they didn’t want to, but it was something I would only get the opportunity to do once.

Here the delegates (important figures from the world of arts education, inc principals of the arts colleges, progression team members, members of parliament involved in arts education etc) walked around the studio in which we had created our pieces, giving them the opportunity to talk to us 1 to 1 and ask any questions they wanted about ourselves and our work. They took a genuine interest in what we’d done and were really impressed with what had been created in such a short amount of time.


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