The Groups

After the lego serious play session we took a dinner break and then were divided into our groups in which we would be working through the night. Everyone initially believed that we would be divided into groups depending on our specialisms eg. visual communication, graphic design, 3D etc but instead the organisers chose to mix the groups up and change the networking dynamic as they felt it may produce some even more interesting outcomes. In each group there was approximately 10 people.

We were then assigned a tutor who would be working with us for the next few hours, ours was a fine art teacher from Hereford College of Art. She wanted us to do some warm up tasks which involved walking around the building and creating a blind drawing of the route our eyes followed as we walked around, we then walked around with our arms in the air to ‘feel the space around us’ we also had to crawl around on the floor… it was definitely not the kind of thing I’m used to and not particularly comfortable doing but it was a fun experience.
11040778_10153085326323607_939510356_n 11040749_10153085326318607_261697741_n

When we got back to the studio space the group made markings on a large piece of paper aimed at describing their experience of going around the building. We then made drew what we felt illustrated “local, national and global’ and then presented them to the group.

We then split up into 2D and 3D groups. This meant it was time to brain storm ideas and possible ways of presenting these ideas. This took quite a while, there was a lot of discussion over who our audience was and why, the 5 people initially in our group thought that it was important to either aim it at the older people who were sat in a conference room above us discussing the future of arts education or aiming it at people our age who were the actual future of arts education.

The group was split on this decision, so we chose to move on to what medium we would like to work in as this may help us to decide where we want to go with the concept. I put forward the idea of making a Zine, which none of the other group members had heard of before.
I shared examples and showed them one i had made with Chloe, Francesca and Kate in 1st year with Marianne. They were really excited by the idea and we realised that we could create a series of the zines which could incorporate the two ideas we had before. We split into two further groups and the initial 5 became a 4 when one of the group couldn’t deal with exhaustion and decided to spend the rest of the night sleeping or eating which wasn’t an issue for us as it allowed us to split into two groups of 2. Myself and the other girl in my group decided we wanted to create one based on advice we could give to students who are just about to graduate from arts colleges. The other group wanted to look at the impact having no oil would have on the earth and its idealistic vs realistic outcomes.


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