The Creative Process

Myself and the other group member – Roberta – an international student from Italy who had only been in England for a few months – began to plan out what we wanted to include within our zine and how we would fit the art work around the chosen theme for each page. We began to consider a basic layout for each page, which was a great experience because Roberta was primarily a graphic designer who was currently studying for her Masters which she was doing in photography so I learnt quite a bit from her during the process.
IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1164

We knew what kind of look we wanted to give to the zine and this included newspaper, hand drawn type and images and watercolours, we wanted a pastel colour palette due to the water colour element. We then began to consider what text we would put into the text boxes. On the train to London Josiah Craven (the editorial officer for the student union) was telling us how he’d been to an event the college had held that gave advice on what students should do/expect when they leave university. If we got stuck on a topic for anything to say we would speak to Josiah so what we were writing down in this zine was actually based on what was advised at events.


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