Talk notes throughout the workshop

The Ukadia Conference – Make It Through The Night

4th March 2015

3.05pm – Introduction

-National agenda’s politics wise, we may have a weak government making it difficult to pass agendas
-The Arts may be facing very real cuts over the next few years
-76.8 Billion pounds each year from the arts is contributing towards the economy
-5.6% of all jobs
-Majority from small and local businesses.
-Government may want to pour money into the engineers, scientists and mathematicians but what impact does that have on us?

Alistair Parvin of Wikihouse –Talk – Architect who studied at Sheffield Uni
-The government see creative as a subset of the economy and our generation will actually need to redesign the economy.

-Local social – local trade –monetised –national – global

-A knowledge gap has been created due to the distance between us and where our things are being created.
-What the news is reporting are not just for politicians to deal with but are actually design flaws
-NB. – Lookup Pasquino
-The best thing we ever came up with for transactions was information technology,
-“The period of history where musicians could make money was very short” – Mick Jagger – due to the creation of napster etc
-Technology is allowing big changes
-It is allowing leap frogging transactions
-NB. “Money as debt”/”smart money”- Youtube

A tiny number of huge organisations control all of the money
-when you ask a bank for a loan they create/conjure money into existence creating “Debt”
-Capitalism is a good system but has the fatal flaw as these organisations are at the centre
-This debt means the banks can cause inflation and keep us working forever to pay it all off
-Making the 1% of the richest drift further and further

Institutions like this/design are here to prepare students for the economy which does not exist yet.
-Internet is massively lowered the cost of spreading information
-How do we design governance around these things?
-Corporations in America are becoming too big for even the government to handle.
-Look up Wikihouse – see what they are doing
-By the time we die all of the oil we have will be gone (hence countries willingness to continue to fight unjust wars in order to sustain more control over oil resources)

-Who gets to decide which of our luxuries are silly?
-Womens equality, NHS etc were built on the back of oil and how much oil had to be dug up before these came about and are they likely to collapse when the oil stores run out?
-Hyper global back to the hyper local
-Who are you going to work for? – the many with a bit or the little with a lot

Demos – cratos
-means people – power
-“made by the many with a bit or the few with a lot”

The Housing crisis
-The market needs to look at changing from one person buying loads of properties and waiting for people to be willing to pay for them and leaving them empty if nobody is, or ourselves creating the homes in which we wish to live.

Lego (a short conversation with a student)
-Are doing well because they are embracing their consumers as creators/collaborators

-Real people come up with really interesting issues whereas corporations just remain believing in the dull
-People have begun to question their governments eg. In spain it is illegal to protest or take photographs of the police – Turkey have blocked social media because they saw the power behind it

If people have an issue with anything they will begin forking and creating their own solutions if they don’t like yours

We have to see value in things beyond government etc we all need to look at ways of creating more democratic platforms

Founding fathers created a great thing when they made the rights, which worked brilliantly but it was unfortunately corrupted by the abundance of prosperity it created.

We tend to adjust our political views depending on what is comfortable to us at the time

Lego serious play

16.15 – 4th march 2015

Lego found themselves in crisis with the invention of video games and so they began to look at using the customers as designers and aiming lego at corporates.

The idea is to move this more towards exploring our own thoughts

“connectivity constellations”
– how one change can cause a domino effect
-often in work you have a main ‘go to’ person in a community project and the others are vaguely connected/involved and they are all linked.

Being able to play with lego removes those restrictions you impose upon yourself as you grow up, even if you begin not understanding what you were making eventually you have something you understand and relate to.

Specialist institutions commit to closing the gap between studentship and professional practice.

Creative Industries Federation – John Kampfner talk
-national body for all creative councils/bodies
-A movement designed to give Englands Arts and culture a lift it has desperately needed
-Group of the great and good in the arts world
-John was setting up an art gallery on the beach which had over 500,000 visitors in the first year- in Margate, Kent – third most visited gallery outside of London

The Federation
-set up in 2013
-commercial, education and public is the livelihood
-creative industries grew 9.9% economically
-difficult to convince the government that the cultural sector is vital for individuals of any age
-we underinvest in our cultural work and this is crass in human development and economically self defeating.
-about saying to the big companies like warner brothers etc that cultural education needs to be taken seriously and standing together will help this as the weak parties get picked off
-£40 membership or under 25’s – per year
-Ed miliband says that they want to enforce ‘no school will get an excellent in an Ofsted inspection if they do not build cultural arts into their core curriculum’
-24 Road shows beginning in Manchester
-trying to start a conversation
-want to start a conversation
-want to map the creative successes and issues in each city
-want policy work – gathering of science and art
– based currently at Central St Martins but will be moving as they expand
-They are the product of a need to have this voice heard
-collective effort
-Glasgow school of art has asked if they can fund 2-3 hundred memberships
-You can get in touch without payment with your suggestions
-membership is tailored to ability to pay
-basically about bringing people together
-Any member can input into any talks etc.


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