Ning creation – Evaluation

I decided to do this task as I felt that it would begin to assist me in the web design aspect of my main project, if I could design something functional and aesthetically pleasing it is the beginning steps of the bigger project. It built up my confidence in layout design and figuring out the functionalities of each of the different sections. Without doing this I would have been a lot more confused about creating my own website and spent more time overthinking small decisions, I realised during this process that the most valuable comments can come from other people and that to show people the website regularly as it is being developed will help it cater to various tastes and genders. I think my strength laid in the layout, I tried to figure out what would work best for the logos, students and the look and think it came together quite well. The twitter feed works really well where it is and brings attention to different areas on the site. The logos sit nicely around the top of the site but don’t overfill it and the colour scheme links them all. However I could have been more vigilant with the aspects that the site had before like the public facing blog area and the private one, the names and getting the spellings right etc. These are all things that if a customer was looking at the site it would impact their experience of the site. This was an opportunity I’m glad I chose to take, it has improved my confidence and I received some great feedback from people on the site. Without which I would have struggled more with my own site and its great to have something I helped to design and get up and running being used by the first and second years successfully. I am also keeping an eye on the projects twitter page so that the feed on the project ning site will be updated regularly, this means keeping an eye on the groups and if anyone hasn’t tweeted in a while, asking them to do so.


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