Ning continued

New VISCOM Logo LargeThroughout the process I talked with and emailed Sharon, this allowed me to rectify issues and know if there was more that needed to be done on the site and for her to give me feedback on the look of the website etc. It was good to have that kind of communication as it meant the process ran smoother and catered for what the students and the project itself would need for the blog to run successfully.

Because we couldn’t archive the work from the previous site it has all been carried forward, and will just need to be pushed further down the page via new work from this years project, this is a Ning fault which hasn’t yet being addressed along with an issue we had with getting rid of old groups, as you can’t have any hidden groups on Ning and this meant that all of the old groups were more visible on the project groups page than the new ones, another student pointed out it may work to remove all of the members and then they would fall below the newer groups – which worked!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 22.27.16
After adding the VisCom logo upon Sharon’s request the look of the site was complete, there was just some adding members to the groups which needed to be done and some public pages adding to each group and it was all done.


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