The Ning site

Last year throughout the Tetley Feast project we used a site called Ning to blog, many people found the site confusing and would forget to blog. Marianne and Sharon asked the second years if anyone would be interested in setting up and redesigning the site this year and considering my main Live Project task is web design I was really excited to take up the challenge as it would give me more understanding of layouts and designing sites to be used by multiple people. This began by me and Sharon having a short meeting in which she introduced me to the site and how to navigate the design features, she stated that they wanted a lot of the old features removing like the main blog and the discussions forum as they weren’t used last year. The site seemed pretty simple to use and quite a lot like Wix, a site I used to create my market research page for COP2. There was no coding and the features were easily customised.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 23.31.47– one of the deleted sections


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