Live Project Questionaire

1. What do you want to achieve from the live project?
In this project I’d like to develop my confidence in both personal and client based briefs. I would also like to continue in working to form my own artistic identity within my practice. I would like my work to be able to assist on any of my own or client based brief desired outcomes.

2. What are you planning for the competition brief?
My intention is to create something which will educate and encourage encourage children on the topic of water conservation. I intend to create an activity pack which offers methods of conservation which parents and children can implement and use as daily practice within their own homes as they grow up.

3. What client/practice briefs are you proposing to do?
I intend to work on my own brief aimed at developing my website EveryCloud, which may involve working with other people – Graphic Designers in particular. I will also be working on a business card brief for a mobile hairdresser in Huddersfield which may also include creating a price list/flyer. In addition to these I will be attending the Ukadia Conference on the 4-5th of march which is a 24 hour create-a-thon workshop. An opportunity has also arisen to potentially make a music video for a community organised band who create music based on their local areas.

4. How will you consider the potential impact of proposed designs on the real world?
The impacts from the website will be seen in how the use of it can benefit the artists and the organisations alike, seeing positive changes made to the community groups as a result of the money donated and helping artists to develop their confidence and gain knowledge on the issue of mental illness. The hairdresser brief will hopefully impact the business and reach out to people who may rely on mobile hairdressers, when the hairdresser had a shop she would use her days off to travel to the homes of the elderly or disabled individuals who couldn’t leave their homes to get their hair cut. It would be good if more people were able to be reached by her. With any of the briefs it is only through the appreciation and acknowledgement by others that I could tell if any of the briefs have an impact, I will be looking to get feedback on the outcomes and will be looking to find out if the creations had any kind of impact. The activity pack made for children will hopefully encourage children to take forward the methods they learn within the pack into later life.

5. How are you going to structure your time?
I will be working on a number of things at one time and will be allocating specific time to each project. It is easy to do all of the research in a multitasking way but when developing the products timetables need to be set up which allows me to set deadlines for anyone else I work with, if I do. I will be creating a list of everything which needs to be completed by the end of each week to make sure that the projects are kept on top of and to maintain productivity.

6. What research do you need to undertake?
I have already begun research into the methods of water conservation, the work of water aid,the benefits of water conservation. For my own brief I have been looking into the work of other sales websites with things such as layout, the search, the profiles etc.
The next stages of research for the water aid brief is to begin looking into the education of children on the concept and how this has been done. Then I will be doing research into the judges who will be looking at the final piece and seeing how to tailor the work towards what they may like.
For my EveryCloud site I need to do research into web design, up and coming trends, successful promotions of new sites, colour schemes etc. It needs to be very precise and will allow me to begin building a successful website. I will also begin looking into the development of a business plan as this may assist me in potential funding bids if they are necessary and getting other people involved.


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