5- Cook and share a meal inspired by a book or film


I decided to base my meal on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when i was about 13 I watched this film religiously, it was one of my favourites even though I probably didn’t understand most of it, but I decided to make a Greek meal… I don’t have a wedding dress but it would of been funny to have served it in that, like a Greek miss haversham.

IMG_5004 IMG_5005 IMG_5013 IMG_5014

I made a greek salad and moussaka… probably should have got a photo of it when it actually looked presentable, which at one point it did, a lot less fallen apart. Because I’d made too much and had loads left over I took some for my old flatmate who lives a few floors below us, last year when she moved here from China me and my old flatmates taught her how to cook and she always wants to try new food so she was really appreciative so now she has the recipe. For my first time making moussaka I was really impressed and my boyfriend decided he prefers it to lasagne.


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