Village Fete Evaluation

Village Fete Evaluation

When the Village Fete Brief was delivered to the course I was on holiday in Budapest and missed the opportunity to join a group however to me this wasn’t an issue, I often prefer to work alone. This is why when the opportunity to join a first year in her project wasn’t something I felt I could do. I hadn’t put any work into the planning or executing of the task, therefore would struggle to feel a real part of it and write an evaluation. So I chose to do my own stall and after juggling a few ideas I decided to create ‘Tansley’s Tache’ – a stall which combined face painting and little stick moustaches (being allergic to face paint myself I felt this was important)


– Strengths- Products made from things I already had, the concept was entertaining and the sign attracted attention, the moustache sticks were very popular

-Weaknesses- Face painting wasn’t as popular as anticipated just 1 customer for that, didn’t create enough moustache sticks as I didn’t realise they’d be so popular

-Opportunity- The fete came just after Movember which brings additional attention to facial hair which is once again becoming a huge fashion statement

-Threats- A group of first year students were doing face painting much better than myself and clearly had more experience, people may not have wanted to walk around the university/risk walking home with it on


-Product- Face painting and moustaches on sticks, one was a lot more popular than the other and this wasn’t expected. Created each moustache individually and wrote the date and place where the customers bought the product on the back.

-Price- Charging just 20p for the moustaches meant they moved fast, and all 10 sold out. The facepainting was 20p for a tache and 10p extra for the glasses!

-Place- I was right at the entrance of the door in the 2nd room, so was one of the first stalls people saw upon entering the room which was helpful

-Promotion- I made a sign for the day which I was really proud of, it helped to bring attention to the stall and people became interested due to the humour.

Outgoing- just 10p due to the fact the university canteen made me pay for a paper cup to use it for paint water. Other than that the face paint was my flat mates, the paper had been bought for a previous project but not used and the cocktail sticks were left in a pack I’d bought for a Christmas party.

I’d sold 10 moustaches for 20p each and 1 face paint session for 30p so the total should have come to £2.30 but some people didn’t want their change as it was for charity so the total could have been a bit more.

I should have created more than 10 moustaches just in case, but it was pleasant to see them sell out. The sign was one of my favourite parts of the experience as it was a real conversation starter between myself and those who were walking around the stalls. I don’t regret choosing to make my own stall, it meant I didn’t have to rely on other people unsure whether tasks would be done or not and it allowed to make changes based on issues where necessary.

I learnt that I need to be more preemptive about demand and ensure that I have enough stock, and it could help to have more promotional material. If I’d just concerned myself with the moustache sticks it would have been a much more successful venture. This is useful for me in future as it means I’m going to be more concerned with external demand, making more than is necessary is better than running out completely. It worked short time and I’m proud of what I created on my own.

IMG_4679          IMG_4681

As you can tell… I was not very talented with face paint..


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