Task 1 – Do some networking

After the COP2 exhibition piece had a better response than I had anticipated I realised that the creation of EveryCloud website was a genuine possibility. Knowing this, I felt that the first step would be to try to find a graphic designer who could help me in the creation of the website. Knowing some people on graphics I felt that working with people I knew would be the best use of time because I knew their levels of dedication and it would make communication etc much easier.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 19.07.26The recipient was interested in the proposal but unfortunately had to decline, being a third year with a dissertation in the near future and an already reasonably well established client based meant he had no time to take on the project as well as everything else. He did suggest another graphic design student who I haven’t yet got around to contacting.
Since I have personally asked another 2 graphic designers, 1 being a second year and one working for a graphic design company but once again it is a case of too much work in one go which is making me consider doing it myself as I’ve found from the conversations with each of the people I’ve spoken to that it is possible to do it myself with dedication and just consult the graphic designers I do know if theres a visual I’m not sure of etc.

Having these conversations has helped me to look at the project as a different kind of issue. But I do have one more student to get in touch with, the one I was referred to by the initial student. But talking to some of them has given me more confidence in that if I don’t find anyone, its not the end of the project.


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