4. Discuss a documentary

My chosen documentary was the thought provoking Bowling For Columbine.

This documentary was created to shock people, and that it did. The images shown throughout the documentary were really hard hitting, along with the stories they described throughout. Particularly the CCTV from the Columbine school, it was very difficult to watch knowing what was happening there.

it brings forward the questions about gun laws but interestingly doesn’t condemn the law, instead it contrasts America with Canada, who also have these Laws BUT don’t have the same kind of news coverage. Canadians are more open to leaving their homes unlocked and this was a shock to the american film team.

Me and the person I watched this with had a really interesting talk about the gun laws and how the media is clearly instilling a sense of fear into the minds of Americans, which in turn is causing more gun crime. It is pretty frightening to think that the media is doing this and really begs the question why? are they profiting from the increase in gun crime? or are there other reasons?

The documentary made us look at the news and the way they spread it in a very different way, we’ve been talking to many friends and family about the documentary and it sparks interesting debate.

I personally find it interesting as to why the news teams are allowed to insight that kind of fear into people because surely if there is evidence that the fear it is causing is impacting on gun crime then they shouldn’t be allowed to do it.


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