3- Get involved in an event you are passionate about

Creative Talks…

Whilst scrolling through twitter, I saw that one of my favourite artists announced he would be coming to give a talk at the University. I was beyond excited and asked him the time and date, then emailed Marianne to find out if I could attend as I thought it was a closed talk, but it turns out it was open to anyone.

The event was brilliant and Drew Millward was just as funny and interesting as I had expected. It was great to see where he had begun and developed his work through the years… although I was slightly hoping for the initial work to be worse than it was but his starter point was a million times better than I am now! He gave a lot of helpful tips about printing facilities available outside of the university and the process he goes through. I took 5 pages of notes during the talk and refer to them a lot during illustration work.

He was concerned about the event as he doesn’t do public talks very often but I enjoyed being involved in what turned out to be a really great talk.

IMG_4628 2 IMG_4629 2 IMG_4631 2

Creative Networks Ian Livingstone

-The creative networks event with Ian Livingstone was really interesting, although its not something I would usually attend it was good to be part of to see how other people had built up their own business. It was great to see familiar characters etc and there were some very keen audience members around!
The only thing I was concerned about was some of the things he was saying, it almost seemed as though he was encouraging people to use tax loopholes and the cheapest labour possible otherwise they wouldn’t be successful.

Being part of these events gave me an insight into the way other artists and business owners work and the dedication they have towards what they do which was very inspiring and something that many students need to hear every now and then as it gives more confidence in what they are doing.


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