2- Desert Islands Disks

I decided to listen to Russell Brands desert island disk, he’s a fascinating character with a lot to say and has an interesting way of saying it. The introduction to him was very bleak and concentrated very much on the negative aspects of the comedian, though when the interview was recorded that was how he was thought of and portrayed in the media.

the notes i took from the interview were

– talks about Amy Winehouse, who was a close friend of his
– Speaks about the Ross-Brand scandal – stated there were two complaints initially after the show but when the media got hold of the story and began to twist the situation the two initial complaints grew to 42,000.
-speaks about his mother having cancer 3 times when he was younger and having to stay with other people, he realised at a young age that his mum wasn’t a permanent fixture
-Gave him an unusual sense of dislocation from a young age
-He wants children desperately
-started taking drugs around the age of 16
-speaks about the character he created and how when the public are complaining about him and he thinks the same about that character.
-Forced into rehab by his agent
-when talking about how the media would use this interview he said they would use it and make “convenient packages of idiocracy”
-he says he has to think about his recovery daily and it is he ultimate priority

-he said he would take the triple mantra record he played and the taxi-dermied body of Noel Gallagher wearing Liam Gallagher’s clothes.


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