The interview

(- a post which was deleted, should be the very first post before character development)

Initially struggling with where to go on this project but knowing I wanted to create a stop motion based on eating disorders in the city, the group tutorial left me with lots of really interesting suggestions one of which was the utilise the interview I had with an individual with an eating disorder.
This interview is vital to the stop motion as the whole piece would be created based on things the interviewee was saying, so I sat down, listened to the interview and drew/wrote down everything that I thought would be most important for the piece, I didn’t want it to go on for 3 minutes like the actual interview did, and wanted to pin point vital statements and visually strong ones at that.

IMG_0057I found very quickly that some of these things may not be possible, such as the ‘big black tim burton cloud’ the big black cloud might have been, but it also would have meant transforming the entire set piece for piece into a darker shade of paper for a few frames to then change back, and although I did intend to do this I couldn’t find the correct paper for this despite going into various different stationary and art stores.

IMG_0058I chose to focus on the control aspect of what she was saying as this featured in 3 different important statements.


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