The music choice

I wanted a simple music that didn’t have any lyrics but would suit the piece, with quite summery scenery, I didn’t want the music to completely mis-match the video and felt that singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplins music would be most suitable for this. With her simple use of instruments the piece may benefit from a smooth instrumental sound in the background, however I didn’t want to have vocals because this could confuse viewers as to what the soundtrack is singing and what the interviewee is saying. The piece of music needed to flow in a similar way to the video and match the kind of pace the video had, which despite only operating at 6 frames per second was still quite fast in places.

I’ve been a huge fan of this song since I heard it, but didn’t feel like the big explosion of music at the end would suit the stop motion video. I found a video which was purely the instrumental version of the song and put this through a youtube converter so that I could add it into premier and edit it to fit with the video itself.


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