The sign

-One of the things mentioned in the interview was the pressure the interviewee felt to look a certain way as a result of the media and the images they produce, I chose not to include her wording this because I hoped it would be clear enough from the way the character reacted to it and that would mean I could include some of the pieces of interview that would be much more difficult to visualise.
-I needed a strong visualisation of the issue many young people face each day with having the media continuously publishing images of women which are often photoshopped giving some young people a sense that they need to look these women in order to feel worth something.
-Unfortunately some people become so distressed by these images and this false sense of perfection the media is believed to portray that they begin to seek ways in which they can achieve these looks and this can lead to eating disorders.
-I wanted to show how someone will look at images like these and then compare themselves to the images, regardless of whether they are realistic or not.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 21.11.37

I feel this particular aspect worked well, the following frames of the characters reaction should have been a lot better. But the initial reaction works well and it is clear what the sign is meant to represent, I used the kind of ‘pop art’ style around the character because it does create the ‘halo effect’ which eludes the concept perfection.


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