Another issue I found was trying to hold the various scenery/characters upright, I didn’t want my hand to be featured in the video and having bits of string hanging into various areas wouldn’t have worked very well either. So I had to find another way of holding everything upright and the simplest method turned out to be blu-tac and a cocktail stick as this kept the scenery and characters as straight as possible. However this did mean that as the pieces were being moved around I needed to be aware that in each shot there was a chance the blutac could be showing, in particularly around the feet of any characters etc. But the method did work, it kept the characters and scenery in position when i needed it to be.

IMG_0072which could take a lot of cocktail sticks and bluetac considering how many things there would be to hold the scene together, this also shows why the character needed to be simple enough to replicate multiple times.


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