The character

My intention was to create a simple character which could be replicated dozens of times for the movement processes whilst also making it representative of an interview I had recorded. Throughout this one of the main factors which became apparent was the interviewees sense of a lack of control within external aspects of her life and what she ate was something she could have complete control over, however this developed into her also losing control over what she was doing a lot of the time and wouldn’t realise until it was too late. This was a difficult concept to visualise due to it being complex and I needed to find a way to show each aspect respectfully.
I felt that a robot could be the key to a way of showing these aspects without it becoming overly complicated, as to some extent robots are always being controlled and it would be simple to show a slight change in the character such as a lighting/colour change on its body.
I wanted to create something which would be interesting to look at and could encourage people to relate to the character more. It needed to stand out and be the main focal point throughout the whole process.

IMG_0060 IMG_0059


this was an initial sketch for the character, before the robot idea, I knew I wanted something slightly surreal but didn’t feel this character would have worked well for the over all piece and it wouldn’t have worked with the control concept.


When i decided on the robot idea I wanted to maintain the kind of ‘cute’ look whilst also making the character really look like a robot.


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