Set and Scenery

The creating and set up of the scenery was something I felt was immensely important to get right and therefore took me a long time to feel remotely happy with. It was subject to multiple changes such as the addition of a background as I realised very quickly that my kitchen wasn’t exactly creating a professional looking shot.


The scenery did have some hand done additions, such as the tree above having lines which created look of actual bark rather than it being a purely flat image.


IMG_1049 IMG_1051

I felt the addition of a background was incredibly important and began to set it up, the blue sky was bright enough to stand out and because it was a different shade as was used on the robot itself, the character stood out even better and didn’t get lost amongst the backdrop.

IMG_0053 IMG_1059

I thought 3 pieces would be enough for the background, however there were multiple issues with this especially when it came to shaders from the pieces, I had hoped to create it in a curved way so it would almost create an infinity backdrop but the lighting would not allow for this.

IMG_1065only when adding a fourth piece did it work properly and before shooting the line ups of each piece was sorted and it looked much better.


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