Robot Research

Robots collection

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 21.40.53

I wanted to start by looking at how other artists had created robots, how they had visualised any kind of personality traits and how simple a piece could be without it becoming uninteresting. I was also looking if there were any particular features which were vital to create a robot character effectively, if it isn’t obvious what the character is then it would be pointless creating it in the first place.

Colour then became an important aspect to me, having seen how the more ‘retro’ robots were coloured I wanted to make sure the colours I used were reflective of the futuristic idea. I had two main colours in mind, white and a teal-turquoise type colour and when doing research into the look of futuristic looks I found that these colours had been used in the past and were giving off the look I had in mind, despite my own idea being much more simple than the images I was looking at.




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