Character colours

IMG_0066I began to experiment with the colours I could use for the robots, to see if it would benefit the look overall having it more of a block colour because it could help the character to stand out more against the background, however this didn’t work, it could have if the characters didn’t have the drawn elements and the block colours were created using different layers of paper but this would of been a much too time consuming process and would have been difficult to move the character throughout. 

So I settled on the most simple colours, these still communicate the futuristic look that I was so intent on having, I wanted to have this because it is representative of the fact eating disorders are not an outdated concept or something which will merely go out of fashion like retro toys etc but instead is something we must tackle in the future and take it seriously, especially as between 2012 and 2013 there was an 8% increase in hospital submissions for eating disorders, which is a vast increase when considering not every sufferer of eating disorders has their illness extreme enough to be hospitalised. The number of cases outside of hospitals is likely to be substantially higher than the admissions but the shock factor of the extremity cases need to be exhibiting in order to be admitted to hospital should hit home with people, these are the points when many people begin to be force fed through drips etc against their will. 



I tried to try out my previous robot design with the colour scheme I had chosen for the character and at the same time on a newer design attempt. Neither of which I was particularly happy with, but I did feel that the colours worked well together and would be a positive attribute for the character. I then continued to try out newer characters to see what would work better.


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