Talk with David

Having taken on such a large project in a short amount of time, I was struggling on where to head next and after an exhibition meeting spoke to David about potential website platforms to get started with.

This was a huge help and heres what I took from that discussion

-Use this as market research
-Use boyfriends youtube channel to drum up traffic to the site
-Make an information site that will inform people
-Then if they are interested, to sign up with email address to receive further information
-“New media platform aimed at connecting the arts and mental health organisations”
-Create artwork in any media you wish
-Make a positive contribution to a great cause via a payment donation
-Install statcounter to the linked site so you can log traffic
-You need to have the artists interest in the first place to be able to set up the website, and keep them there in order to sustain it
-Look at advertising
-Look at ways in which the money can be automatically deducted at the checkout and instantly placed into the organisation rather than handling it yourself as this can lead to potential legal issues
-Find a site, create a kind of presentation for potential clients to learn about it
-Aim? can people change their own pages and create their own individual stores? or just be able to change a header/picture?
-Dont let boyfriend make the video until website is fully up and functioning.


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